All children deserve access to high quality public education that will be a foundation to a better lifetime of opportunities and enrichment. Our schools should foster learning and creativity in an inclusive environment, be a great place to work for our teachers and staff, and be the pride of our community.

Develop the Whole Child

  • Focus on social and emotional learning and improve access to counselors, LSSPs, and mental health resources
  • Ensure fine arts, athletics, STEM, and language enrichment programs are available and supported by fully equipped classrooms and top notch facilities
  • Fix the delays in SPED evaluation and enhance our SPED staffing

Increase School Safety

  • Provide evidence-based emergency training for teachers, staff, and administrators
  • Conduct timely safety audits that result in quick completion of needed repairs and improvements
  • Fully fund and fill positions for school counselors, nurses, Physical Education staff, SPED staff, lunch monitors, and crossing guards

Improve Teacher Retention

  • Improve teacher and staff pay to keep up with inflation and cost of living
  • Reduce administrative tasks and increase time for unstructured planning and professional development
  • Use her unique perspective as a teacher to address AISD’s historic teacher and staff shortage

Create a Culture of Respect

  • Instill inclusive campus environments where students, teachers, and staff are safe from harrassment and discrimination
  • Oppose book bans, curriculum censorship, and other attacks on public education professionals
  • Create a transparent process to have early community engagement in the new superintendent search

Fully Fund Our Schools

  • Advocate for the State Legislature to increase the basic allotment/per pupil funding
  • Utilize her financial expertise as a former tax accountant and auditor to ensure sound fiscal management of AISD’s $1.68 billion budget
  • Fight privatization and voucher schemes that would siphon money from public schools